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Let's reform journalism together.

At Zenger House, we want to build a community of Christian journalists who seek to glorify God and reform local journalism in their communities. We want to see believers filling in the gaps left behind as journalism shifts towards big cities or national and international news.

With newspaper closures and buyouts, news deserts and journalism brain drains, who will tell the local story? Who will report on the news happening down the street, the overlooked stories, the issues that touch our everyday lives?


Well, why not you?

We want to help you start a news website for your city or neighborhood.


Why Local News?

We see a need for more local news groups that inform, educate, and inspire readers and listeners. We believe Christians can help their cities and neighborhoods by combining pavement-pounding reporting with biblical objectivity: That means approaching an issue confidently when the Bible is clear, skeptically when it is not, and always humbly, since we are sinners writing about sinners.


Zenger House Supports The Sharpener

In August 2022, the Zenger House Foundation taught an intensive journalism workshop for people interested in starting local news sites. 


Tyess Korsmo was a student in that class. He went back to his home in Sharpstown, a neighborhood in southwest Houston,  which he calls “a news desert.” City-wide publications like the Chronicle, KHOU, ABC-13, and Houston Public Media rarely run stories about Sharpstown (except to mention the latest murder or robbery).


Korsmo knew Sharpstown was more than that: “Plenty of important things happen here but don't get covered in the news. Not just bad things—good things too.”


Korsmo launched The Sharpener in June 2023. It provides free news to the people of Sharpstown, running stories about local education, culture, government, religion, and social issues. Korsmo publishes obituaries, investigations, profiles of leaders, and other stories of local interest.


Zenger House is happy to support Korsmo and his team in Houston. Check out the website. Maybe you’ll want to go and do likewise. Let us know of your interest by sending us an email showing your background, goals, and entrepreneurial experience. 

Let's reform journalism...

one journalist and one community at a time.

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